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Tai Verdes Gets Candid About The Meaning Behind His Hit 'A-O-K'

Tai Verdes is hoping that his song "A-O-K" will make anyone who listens, feel just that. And during such a challenging time in the world, it's very much needed.

The 24-year-old, who has been named iHeartRadio's newest On The Verge artist, explained of his hit, "'A-O-K' is just a song for anyone who wants to feel 2% better. I made it to help myself, and I hope that it's helping other people when they listen to it."

Verdes' love for music began at an early age with piano lessons, and after a few years, went on to take professional music lessons. Fast forward to the current time, just as the COVID-19 pandemic began, the aspiring musician had also taken on an essential worker position at Verizon. However, Tai's music eventually found its way to TikTok with his first single "Stuck In The Middle," and eventually, "A-O-K" followed — and both went viral.

Tai explained of creating music over the last year, "Quarantine happened at a really key moment in my life. I'd said to myself that I wanted to create ten songs that year and really try out this 'being an artist' thing."

As for moving on from working at Verizon to his new music career, he explains, "Going from the Verizon store to being on the radio is great. I look at less phones, I don't have to fix as many screens and I get to hear my music that I make all the time. It's great."

He adds of hearing his song on the radio now, "Every time I hear my music on the radio, I just get super surprised. I feel like I'm in a simulation. I don't even know what to think about it."

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