The Average Life Expectancy Of A Washingtonian In 2024

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Photo: Jed Share/Kaoru Share / Tetra images / Getty Images

"Health is wealth" is the phrase many have internalized, especially within the last several years. Not only do you save money by prioritizing your well-being, but it could mean a longer lifespan, as well. Many factors can affect your life expectancy, including hygiene, access to health care, diet, exercise, crime rates, and more. More studies are also examining how your location can influence how you live, as well.

If you're curious about how long you'll live in your state, World Population Review revealed the average life expectancy of residents in each state. The website used data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s National Vital Statistics Report.

Data shows the average life expectancy of a Washingtonian is 79.2 years. The average life expectancy of female residents is 81.6 years. For male residents, it's 76.9 years.

Analysts unearthed some interesting findings from the study, including which state had the longest life expectancy and which one had the shortest:

"On average, Hawaii residents live longer than residents in any other state, about 81.5 years, while Mississippi residents live the shortest lives at 74.6 years. This is a difference of 6.9 years. In general, the South has lower life expectancies than other parts of the country."

Here are the Top 10 states with the longest life expectancies: 

  1. Hawaii (80.7 years)
  2. Washington (79.2 years)
  3. Minnesota (79.1 years)
  4. California (79 years)
  5. Massachusetts (79 years)
  6. New Hampshire (79 years)
  7. Oregon (78.8 years)
  8. Vermont (78.8 years)
  9. Utah (78.6 years)
  10. Connecticut (78.4 years)

Check out the full report on World Population Review's website.