This Restaurant Serves The Best Fried Chicken In Washington

Delicious homemade oven baked fried chicken on a white plate, side view. Closeup.

Photo: Witthaya Prasongsin / Moment / Getty Images

Fried chicken is one of America's most beloved comfort foods. What's not to love about juicy, succulent chicken coated in a crispy skin? The popular dish's recipe is rather straightforward, opening can open all sorts of delicious approaches from sauces and spices to the way the chicken is fried to perfection. As a result, whole fast food chains and wholesome eateries have spawned across the nation.

Taste of Home has a special roundup for fans of the golden bird: a refreshed list of every state's best fried chicken. According to writers, Washington State's most delicious fried chicken is served at Heaven Sent Fried Chicken!

“Are the breaded birds at this Northern chain really sent from above? No… but they definitely taste like they are,” writers said about the establishment. “With meat so tender it almost melts in your mouth, you’ll understand why chef Ezell Stephens was flown to Chicago to make his famous fried chicken for Oprah herself.”

You can order combo meals and can choose between thighs, breasts, wings, and legs for the main entree. Chicken strips are also available for purchase.

If you're hankering for this restaurant's fried chicken, Heaven Sent has two locations in the Seattle metro area: Everett and Lake City.

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