Washington State Is Home To One Of The World's Most Unusual Restaurants

Grilled pheasant with bacon and spices and vegetables

Photo: Getty Images

It's no secret that the United States is home to some wacky attractions and landmarks. Restaurants are no different with plenty of eateries offering fascinating to downright strange dining experiences. America's not alone in this department -- there are other countries with oddly-themed restaurants, as well.

That's why LoveFood pinpointed the weirdest restaurants in the world. The website states, "Here we reveal the world’s most unusual restaurants guaranteed to drop jaws and get people talking, including eateries in unique locations and diners inside historic aircraft."

A popular restaurant in Washington state made it on the list: Bors Hede Inne! Here's why it was chosen:

"Step back in time at the dimly lit Bors Hede Inne, where guests, also known as noble travellers, will be greeted by the innkeeper and treated to a 14th-century-style banquet of authentic medieval dishes. Feast on fenberry pye (pork, chicken and cranberry pie), bourblier de sangle (roast pork), sanc dragon (cinnamon and almond chicken) and blamanger (similar to blancmange). Set in Camlann Medieval Village, it’s a dinner-theatre experience and is equal parts educational and relaxing."

You can find this quirky restaurant at 10320 Kelly Rd NE in Carnation.

Curious about other eccentric eateries in the world? Check out the full list on LoveFood's website.