This Place Was Named Washington State's Smallest Town

Row of mailboxes, Palouse, Washington

Photo: Getty Images

Small towns are just as American as the country's big-name cities. Quickly becoming popular travel destinations and forever homes, some towns are so small you won't believe people actually live there.

Reader's Digest got curious and dug through U.S. Census data to determine every state's smallest town. They only focused on incorporated towns for their list.

According to the website, Washington's smallest town is Krupp! Located in Grant County and home to 47 people, residents don't actually call their home Krupp. Writers explained the interesting history behind the town:

"It’s more commonly known as Marlin. Why? During World War I, the town didn’t like the German sound of the name, especially since Krupp was the name of a German munitions company. The townspeople decided on Marlin, but it was never officially changed. To this day, it’s officially called Krupp, although the Census lists it with 'Marlin' in parentheses."

Some signs refer to the town as either Krupp or Marlin. It has no gas stations, schools, grocery stores, or restaurants.

Here's another fun fact: Marlin only makes up 0.59 square miles of land, according to archived U.S. Census data.

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