This Restaurant Serves The Best Waffles In Seattle

Female hand holding spoon over strawberries and ice cream waffle on slate

Photo: Getty Images

The most important meal of the day means you can look forward to many delicious dishes, such as omelets, avocado toast, and tasty sandwiches. Crisp and fluffy waffles stand out from the rest thanks to the ease of cutting and the ability to soak up syrup. Like its competitors, pancakes and french toast, chefs love adding their special twists to waffles.

There's no shortage of restaurants serving waffles in Seattle, either. If you're looking for a delicious bite, Yelp rounded up the highest-rated restaurants serving waffles in the area.

According to the website, L'Atelier TR was ranked No. 1. Located on Bainbridge Island, this chocolate shop has an interesting approach to its Belgian waffles. First, you pick either the (herb parmesan Brussels waffle (savory) or the liege pearl sugar waffle (sweet). Then you have to pick the decadent toppings to go along with it!

Lisa H. gushed about their experience at L'Atelier:

"This place is an absolute must! I came in a group of 7 people so we had the luxury to try a lot of different types of waffles which was a mix of savory and sweet. Trust me when I say, you really can't go wrong with any of the choices. I personally have a huge sweet tooth so I was totally focused on the dessert menu. To my surprise, I loved the savory ones just as much if not more than the sweet ones."

If you want to add more restaurants to your bucket list, check out the full list on Yelp's website.