This Popular Destination Was Named Washington's Top Picnic Spot

Wine and cheese picnic

Photo: Getty Images

Once thought to be a thing of the past, picnicking is making a comeback. According to a survey, one in two Americans would rather catch up with friends during an intimate picnic rather than at a crowded bar. It also became rather convenient during the pandemic when indoor dining took a big hit.

If you're thinking about enjoying a cozy picnic with family, friends, or a romantic partner, look no further than Reader's Digest. The website found the best picnic spot in every state. Writers state, "Grab the wicker basket and the thermos of lemonade. From scenic national parks to urban hideaways, these are the best places for a pop-up picnic."

Pike Place Market was named Washington state's top place to have a picnic! Here's why this location was chosen:

"A real-life secret garden exists… and it can be found on the rooftop of Pike Place Market in Seattle. To get there, navigate through the back hallways of the market until you step out onto a flower-covered patio overlooking Puget Sound and the city’s famous Ferris wheel. It’s a quiet escape from the bustling tourists—just make sure you grab some goodies (like fresh fish or hot homemade donuts) from the stalls inside first."

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