Washington City Named Among Cheapest Places To Travel In The U.S.

Mount Rainier Sunset Over Olympia Washington

Photo: Getty Images

Everyone can enjoy a vacation, but trips can be expensive sometimes. Once you factor in accommodations, food, travel fees, and fares for attractions, it can add up quickly. But you don't need to break the bank to have fun.

If you're planning a nice and affordable trip, ViaTravelers found the top cheapest destinations in the country. The website states, "The cheapest destinations in the US are often hidden in plain sight. From national parks to free attractions, the USA is full of possibilities for experiencing culture, rich history, and incredible sights along the way."

The capital of Washington state was featured on the list: Olympia! Here's why it was chosen:

"Olympia is the capital of the great state of Washington and is located about 60 miles southwest of Seattle. The easiest way to get to Olympia is by way of Seattle, whether you rent a car, ride a bus, or take an Uber. Olympia is widely known as a nature conservation area, with an array of public parks and scenic views for travelers to take in. It’s a wonderful destination for budget travelers who love the outdoors."

For tips and recommendations on what to do in Olympia, check out the full list on ViaTravelers' website.