This Restaurant Serves The Best Biscuits In Washington

Fried Chicken Sandwich with Sausage Gravy on a Biscuit

Photo: Getty Images

Fluffy, warm biscuits can put a smile on any true Southerner. They're not the only ones who admire the almighty biscuit -- plenty of Americans enjoy taking a bite of these baked goods. Like many basic faves, you can do a lot to either elevate a biscuit or make it a delicious addition to your meal. Sometimes the biscuit is the meal itself (looking at you, biscuits and gravy)!

With that said, where can you find some amazing biscuits in Washington? Thankfully, Cheapism can answer that. The website found the best biscuits in every state.

According to writers, the Evergreen State's top biscuits are served at Biscuit B***h! Here's why it was chosen:

"Any food-focused trip to Seattle will inevitably lead you to Pike Place. Duck under the fish being thrown across the infamous market and head into Biscuit Bitch for a true dose of southern cooking in the PNW. Gravy concoctions, sandwiches, and more feature gigantic, fluffy biscuits and never manage to feel too heavy no matter how hard you dress them up… so don’t sleep on the cheesy garlic grits."

Biscuit B***h has two locations in Seattle: Pike Place (1909 1st Ave) and Belltown (2303 3rd Ave). They're available for takeout and delivery.

Check out the full list of mouth-watering biscuits on Cheapism's website.