Here's The Strangest Food In Washington

Raw Geoduck for Sale at Seafood Market

Photo: Getty Images

Just like how every town, city, and state has its unusual customs and landmarks, they also have unusual foods. People have come up with unique food combinations or cooking ideas that make you think thrice about consuming it. Just because these foods look odd or unpleasant doesn't mean they taste bad. There's a reason why people eat them after all!

That's why 24/7 Wall St. found the strangest food you can eat in every state. According to the website, Washington's weirdest dish is geoduck! Culinary artists often find themselves confused about how to prepare this unique shellfish. Writers explained what geoduck is:

"Pronounced 'gooey-duck,' this is a giant clam with an obscene-looking protruding body that it can’t retract into its shell. Its meat is tough but tastes good and is often found in sushi bars."

If you want to know the best places to grab some delicious geoduck, plenty of local magazines and outlets often have restaurant roundups for this interesting dish.

Here's how researchers found their wacky picks:

"24/7 Tempo has assembled a list of some of the strangest foods not just at fairs but in America in general, state by state, by reviewing articles on the subject in a wide range of publications, including Mashed, Spoon University, Travel Channel, Cheapism, and Bizarre Food."

Still curious, or want to test your stomach? Check out the full report on 24/7 Wall St.'s website.