This Is The Quirkiest City In Washington

Gum wall

Photo: Getty Images

If you ask anyone about the strangest places they've been, it could be a major city or an under-the-radar town. But weird doesn't mean bad! In fact, it can lead to unique and exhilarating experiences you'll never forget. These traditions and activities may even become the key things attracting tourists.

For those curious about kooky places to visit, Reader's Digest found the quirkiest city in every state. Writers named Colorado's capital as the state's quirkiest city: Denver!

The Emerald City is home to some quirky exhibits, attractions, and customs. The infamous Gum Wall (yes, chewed-up pieces of gum) is one that comes to mind for most locals, or a museum literally dedicated to rubber chickens. Then there are fascinating landmarks like Pac-Man Park and the roadside Hats 'n' Boots.

Anyways, here's why writers chose Seattle:

"Seattle is known for its music scene, most notably as the birthplace of Sub Pop Records and the humble beginnings of the famous grunge band Nirvana. That’s not all that Seattle has to offer, however. What would this city be without its Giant Shoe Museum or its beloved Toe Truck (yes, toe) for instance? Thats weird enough to be included in this list of weird museums you never knew existed."

If you're looking to add more thrilling destinations to your bucket list, check out the full list on RD's website.