Washington Man Shoots Car Window After Locking Keys Inside

Car keys in the ignition

Photo: Getty Images

People leave their keys or FOBs in cars -- it happens. Such instances would prompt you to call a locksmith, get roadside assistance, or simply ask someone for help. One man in Washington had a different approach to his predicament, according to MyNorthwest.

Seattle Police says they're looking for a man accused of firing his gun at a car window on August 5 at a Shell gas station. When officers arrived at the scene around 6:15 a.m., the 911 caller said the suspect was told the store was closed but the gas pumps were still available, per reporters.

The suspect then went back to his car but noticed he locked his keys inside. That's when he allegedly pulled out a handgun, unloaded it, and tries pistol-whipping the window. When that didn't work, he loaded his gun again and shot the car window, according to Seattle Police.

The man drove off after unlocking his car. Officers collected evidence from the scene, but they haven't arrested the suspect as of Tuesday afternoon (August 9). No word on what potential charges he could face.

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