Body Found Inside Trunk Of Car Sold At Lynnwood Auction

Crane picking up car

Photo: Getty Images

Authorities are trying to identify the body of a man found inside the trunk of an abandoned vehicle sold at a Lynnwood, Washington auction.

KING 5 says the body was discovered on August 4 after Braven Metals workers checked a recently purchased 2002 Ford Explorer. Witnesses have no idea how long the victim has been dead, or how long the corpse has been sitting inside the SUV. This is a first for them.

"I haven't come across something like that before," Braven HR Director Michael Smith told reporters. "To me, it looked like he may have been staying in his vehicle. There was a sleeping bag."

A third party reportedly inspected the vehicle before it arrived at the scrapyard, but the body went undetected, according to the news station. The Ford Explorer was just about to be crushed when workers found the victim.

"We're happy that our process worked and we were able to get him into the hands of someone who can identify him and hopefully find a loved one or family because everybody is somebody's someone," Smith said.

Lake Stevens Police are working to determine a cause of death for the man. Officers say it doesn't look like a homicide as of now.