My Chemical Romance Wanted To Tour With Power Trip Before Riley Gale Died

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Gerard Way paid tribute to Power Trip's Riley Gale during My Chemical Romance's show in Milton Keynes, England Saturday night (May 21).

The singer's been wearing a hat during the band's reunion shows in the UK, and mentioned how a friend of his said it reminded him of Gale. “I was so inspired by that f**king dude,” Way told the crowd. “They were gonna be one of the bands that were gonna open for us… or I was gonna ask at least. They could have said, ‘F**k no’, which I would have been totally respectful of, but I have a feeling they might have said yes.”

“They were a great f**king band," Gerard added, "rest in peace Riley motherf**ker!”

Power Trip was a giant in the hardcore scene up until Gale's passing in August 2020. See Gerard's tribute below.

Warning: Explicit Language

During MCR's first show in Milton Keynes, Way paid tribute to all the fans who passed away before the reunion tour began.

“So this is kind of crazy, this is our third show, we’ve played two shows and I think it was the first night where were f**king around having a good time and I was talking about how it's been two and a half years and how does it feel and things like that,” he explained to the crowd. “And it occurred to me later after the second show, that there was a bunch of people that were probably gonna be at these shows that aren’t here with us anymore. And I think it was yesterday, a friend of mine told me that there were some people on the internet that had gotten a list as best they could of names of people that were gonna come to the shows.”

Way then opened and lifted up a fan-made white flag that said "Your Memory Will Carry On" with the names of all the fans.

MCR will continue playing UK and Europe before heading to North America for a run of shows this summer. Check out a full list of tour dates here.