One-Year-Old Found Dead In Hot Car Outside Of Daycare Center

Baby in rear facing car seat  has the safety belt on

Photo: Getty Images

one-year-old child died after being found inside of a hot car parked outside of a daycare center in Memphis, Tennessee. Officers responded to a call about the child being in the backseat of the vehicle at the Education is the Key Children's Center as the temperature outside soared above 90 degrees.

The young boy was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, where he was pronounced dead.

According to WHBQtwo people were detained, though no charges have been filed as of Friday (May 20) afternoon. One of the people detained worked at the daycare center.

Police said that the staff member picked up the child at their home and forgot the child was still in the backseat of their personal vehicle. The worker then went inside and didn't realize the toddler was still in the car at the end of their shift.

Local residents told the news station they are shocked that people continue to leave children in their hot cars during the summer.

"I just hope they do better this summer. Every year, they talk about this. They say things about it, but they never happen. People never go back. They still leave their kids sitting in the car when they should go back and check," Jimmie Hopson said. "If you have a kid, how you gonna mess around and leave your kid in the car when you know you gonna get out. That's ridiculous."