Aliens Exist: Tom Delonge Shares First Trailer For His New Sci-Fi Movie

Tom DeLonge has shared the first teaser trailer for his new sci-fi movie Monsters of California. The 90-second-long clip has everything the Angels & Airwaves frontman loves: aliens, UFOs, government cover-ups, skateboarding, and jokes about having sex with your dad.

"Monsters of California follows teenager Dallas Edwards and his misfit friends as they attempt to unearth answers to a series of mysterious, paranormal events happening around Southern California," the YouTube description reads. "As they peel back the layers on this onion of the unexplainable, they unravel the extraordinary secrets held within the deepest levels of the Government."

Watch the trailer above.

Monsters of California will be DeLonge's directorial debut. He also co-wrote the script and wrote and performed original music.

“I think people are gonna be kinda blown away by what we’ve pulled off on such a micro-budget," DeLonge said in a recent interview. He described the film as a “really honest reflection of who I am," adding, “It’s skateboarders in San Diego, the paranormal, a lot of d*** jokes, but with a really big philosophical ending about life and what it’s all about. I’m really proud that it hits all those marks in a really great, Amblin kind of adventure.” 

A premiere date for Monsters of California has yet to be revealed.