Linkin Park Celebrate 'A Thousand Suns' Anniversary With BTS Photos

Last year, Linkin Park celebrated the 10th anniversary of A Thousand Suns with a special documentary, but that didn't stop them from sharing even more content this year.

The band took to Instagram on Tuesday (September 14) to celebrate their fourth album's 11th birthday, posting behind-the-scenes photos from "The Catalyst" video, which was directed by Linkin Park's own Joe Hahn.

"The Catalyst video was an illustration of dark frustration with dramatic release of tension. As seen with Chester practically drowning while singing or Mike guised as this mysterious figure who boldly speaks while in hiding in a dystopian setting," Hahn explained in the post's caption. "For myself, this song represented a lot of what I felt A Thousand Suns was about. The album is a journey dealing with the mistakes of our past and currently digging through the mess of what we created as a society. There is a light at the end of that tunnel of despair. This is illustrated by the throwing of colored dust. It has a riotous angry mosh pit vibe while simultaneously celebratory. Basically, a beautiful mess and one of my favorite music videos.”

See Linkin Park's Instagram post below and revisit "The Catalyst" music video above.