The Opening Scene Of 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 2 Is Explosive

Just two days before Netflix unleashes The Umbrella Academy Season 2, the streaming service teased fans with the opening scene of the first episode and it is action-packed!

While fans have already been given a sneak peek into the new season thanks to the official trailer, the new clip gives us even more info about what the Hargreeves siblings are getting themselves into. 

Soundtracked spectacularly by Frank Sinatra's “My Way,” Season 2 opens with “Number 5” trying to get his bearings as shots are being fired all around him. As he steps out onto the street, we can see Soviet soldiers fighting with American soldiers as he tries to make sense of where in time he is.

Suddenly, when a tank fires a missile, “Number 5” is blown to the side and we see a glowing “Vanya” not only stop the missile but blow it to smithereens. Next, “Klaus” gets his screen time when he enlists some ghostly soldiers to help in the fight against the Soviets. Not long after, “Luther” appears from the sky like a true superhero as he deflects a missile with his bare back.

“Ben” also gets in on the action as he throws some soldiers out of the way. Next, “Allison” uses her powers to quite literally blow the minds of a trio of soldiers. Then “Diego” spins his way out of the crossfire like a bad*** and redirects the bullets to the soldiers shooting at him.

Before “Number 5” can go talk to his siblings, he's stopped by a familiar face: “Hazel.” 

At the end of the clip the other siblings are blown to bits by a nuke so clearly either The Umbrella Academy ends with Season 2 or “Number 5” finds a way to save them all. We'll find out July 31!

Photo: Getty Images