Billie Eilish's Brother Finneas Robbed, Launches Manhunt For Thief

Finneas is calling on fans to help him find a man he claims stole his stuff.

Last night (May 20), the singer-songwriter and older brother of Billie Eilish figured to put all of his millions of followers to “good use” to track down the “handsome fella” he alleges took his belongings from his porch and — in a bizarre turn of events — got away with his doorknob in the heist.

“Hiiii everybody! Figured I’d put all 2.4 million of you to good use. This handsome fella stole a bunch of packages off my porch in LA today and then RIPPED my doorbell camera out of it’s socket and left with it,” Finneas wrote on his social media accounts along with a photo of the thief in question.

Bestowing more mercy than expected, the Grammy-winning producer urged anyone who recognizes the man to reach out, and promised he “won’t press charges if he gives them all back and let’s me give him a neck tat that says ‘thief.’” He also put out a post via his Instagram Stories, asking followers, “Have you seen this man?”

Fans had all sorts of reactions to the situation. “HE RIPPED IT OUTOF THE SOCKET wowwwww” one user commented.

Another fan praised Finneas, writing, “OK DAMN PUT HIM ON BLAST.” Others mocked the star, calling him “Petty Finn,” to which the 22-year-old responded, “This isn’t pettiness this is justice.”

Finneas isn’t the only one who has had a bad encounter with strangers lately. Just a few weeks ago, Eilish had to file a restraining order against an obsessed fan for trespassing at her home.

Photo: Getty Images