Tyler Joseph Shares His Mac & Cheese Preference And The Clique Has Thoughts

Tyler Joseph recently decided to share some very personal news on Twitter, and its divisive nature is tearing the Skeleton Clique apart. On Tuesday (November 12), the Twenty One Pilots frontman revealed that he likes to eat his mac and cheese with ketchup, and fans just don't know what to think about it.

"before we proceed any further, there is something you should know about my mouth hole: it likes mac and cheese with ketchup," he captioned a photo of a bowl of mac and cheese with ketchup mixed in. Some fans were blunt about their reactions, simply replying "That's so nasty," while others took his confession as an opportunity to share that they, too, like the controversial combo.

"i feel; empowered, to share my story,,, i too enjoy mac n cheese with ketchup,,,, i will not be answering questions at this time," one fan responded, while another wrote "I’m glad I’m not the only one."

Tyler's wife Jenna even chimed in on the debate, admitting that she also enjoyed the meal. "I feel like this is a big enough issue to come back to twitter. It is true. last night, he requested a midnight snack of mac and cheese and ketchup. and I liked it.." she wrote alongside a photo of her husband chowing down. Critics cut her some slack, since she's pregnant, but declared that Tyler had no excuse. See all the best reactions below.

Photo: Getty Images