Buck Crashes Through Hospital Window And Gets Hit By A Car Trying To Escape

Patients in the waiting room at Tennova Healthcare-North Knoxville Medical Center in Powell, Tennessee, received quite the scare when a six-point white-tailed buck jumped through a window and started running around in a state of panic.

The deer managed to escape through a different window and ran off. A few minutes later, it was struck and killed by a vehicle on a nearby road.

Authorities said that three patients were treated for minor injuries after their encounter with the wild buck. Hospital staff cleaned up the waiting room, and the damaged window was boarded up with plywood until a replacement could be ordered. No equipment was damaged by the panicked deer.

The driver of the car was not injured but did need to take his vehicle to a mechanic for repairs. The deer was given to a third party, who officials did not identify.

Wildlife officials say that it is mating season for the deer, and both males and females become more active and wander into populated areas. Sometimes, when a male deer sees its reflection in a window, it will ram the window, thinking that its own reflection is a competitor.