Mumford & Sons Reflect On Their Career 10 Years After Releasing Debut Album

It's been 10 years since Mumford & Sons released their debut album Sigh No More, and in the decade that's followed they've released three more records and find themselves touring the world on a regular basis, but the band's members never could've predicted their success.

"None of us thought this would go very far, we were just having a laugh" frontman Marcus Mumford admitted during a recent interview with Billboard. "A lot of it was quite goofy -- like in interviews and stuff we were always quite goofy. I'm glad for that as well, there was an innocence and truthfulness to it."

As for how the band has evolved since then, Mumford says it's all about trust in his bandmates. "In the early days, I think we felt very competitive. Songwriting was so deeply personal, and you felt like you had to get yourself heard in the studio with the lads," he explained. "Now, it's sort of like, 'Yes, I want to be heard, but I also really want to know what Ben [Lovett, drummer] has to say, what Win [Marshall, guitar/banjo] has to say, what Ted [Dwane, guitar] has to say.' Some days I trust their instincts more than my own. There's that trust that just grows and grows and grows, and we've gotten better at trusting each other."

Mumford & Sons are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Sigh No More with a special five-track EP featuring live sessions of some of their biggest songs.

Photo: Gavin Batty