Yungblud Shares Angsty Acoustic Version of 'Loner'

Back in January, YUNGBLUD gave us his first new music of the year with "Loner." The angsty anthem shows the English alt-troubadour's fear of being perceived as a recluse as he sings "All my friends'll desert again/ And I don't wanna be a loner/ In my head, I can sleep when I'm dead/ Baby, don't let the hype dilute ya."

Now, he's shared an acoustic version of the track, which add even more punch to the vocals.

“The song for me is about no matter how many people I’ve got around me, I always seem to feel lonely,” he said about the song. “And yeah, man, it’s dark, but it represents my life in a way that everything is so noisy, everything is so fast, everything is so jam-packed all the time."

“All day you have people shouting in your face. You’ve got a camera in your face. You’re running around. You’re up, you’re down, you’re in, you’re out. Then, by the end of the day, it’s just silence because you’re alone," he continued. "It’s really hard to deal with the juxtaposition of noise, and that’s what the last shot entails. Because it’s like everyone’s around you, and a split second later, you’re alone with your thoughts, and it’s silent. It’s scary. I don’t know. I just needed to put that in a song—one I sing every night—get that out, and get that emotion out so I feel better, and I wrote it to be so uplifting because I wanted people in the audience to be like, ‘Oh, my God, I feel the f***ing same.’”

Listen to the stripped down version of "Loner" below.

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