This Week's Weird News

A potential breakthrough in the decades-old Amelia Earhart disappearance case, a 'time traveler' claiming to have nanotechnology from the future, a moon rock with a remarkable backstory, and an innocent drawing in some snow which inadvertently spawned a truly strange mystery that has captivated a city were among the strange and unusual stories to appear on our radar this past week.

A moon rock brought back to Earth by the Apollo 14 astronauts in 1971 unexpectedly wound up in the headlines this week thanks to a research project which found that it may have actually originated from our planet! The scientists behind the study explained that the composition of the lunar material consisted of minerals found in abundance here, but largely scarce on moon. The also noted that the way in which it was formed seemed to indicate that it was created in an environment akin to what we believe was present on ancient Earth. As such, they proposed an amazing journey in that the moon rock was initially part of Earth in the distant past and then was blasted to the moon by a meteor strike or similar event before being brought back 'home' thousands of years later by the Apollo astronauts.

This past week saw the return of one of our favorite tropes to emerge in paranormal circles over the past few years: self-proclaimed whistleblowing time travelers. In this particular instance, the 'future man' declared that he hailed from the year 2030 and produced some eyebrow-raising evidence to prove his fantastic assertion. The 'time traveler' showcased a jar of black material, which he insisted was nanotechnology from the future, and poured out the strange substance on a plate where it appeared to behave like a jelly as he poked at it with his finger. While we'd love to believe that this truly was some kind of futuristic technology on display, one could not help but notice that it looked an awful lot like the children's toy 'slime.'

The legendary mystery of Amelia Earhart's disappearance was back in the news this week after a researcher revealed that he may have discovered the famed aviatrix's wreck site off the coast of an island near Papua New Guinea. Seasoned students of the paranormal may scoff at yet another much-heralded 'breakthrough' in the case, but this particular turn of events appears to be rather promising as the group behind the find unveiled a curious piece of glass which they believe could have been part of the aircraft. They also tantalizingly teased that there may be more pieces in their possession which very well may solve the mystery once and for all.

By far, the weirdest and most confounding story of the week came out of Canada in the form of a massive bear drawn in some snow atop a frozen canal in Montreal. In a development that might have stunned the maker of the probably impromptu piece of art, residents of the city became fixated on one odd detail of the design: a belly button that no one can figure out how it was made since there's no sign of any footprints around it and it sits a whopping six feet from the sides of the bear. What sounds like a silly riddle became something of a sensation with observers online offering and often vigorously debating a staggering array of theories for the frosty navel's origin.

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